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Picadilly & Company, creating home decor knick knacks one party at a time. We provide you and your guests a fun evening creating a home decor items while in your home. It's a great venue for a Girls Night Out, family get together, etc. However, before we can create them in your home, I create them for my home. And there are some things I do, that I just cannot bring to someone's home. So, check out what I'm working on, maybe it will inspire you. To visit the company website, go to http://www.picadillyandcompany.com/
Currently I am preparing for our holiday homes tour. I will begin decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. In the meantime I am creating different projects to decorate with. So, the ideas I am sharing do not show the final stage often due to that. In December I will post pictures of the final outcome. Thanks for stopping by. And please, check out the website above!


Christmas Backdrop at Our House (Part 2)

Christmas Backdrop at Our House (part 1)

Let the festivities begin. The backdrop to Christmas is finally complete at our home. Thought I'd simply share it in pictures. If you came to the Christmas open house, you will see the projects posted through out November. Please check out my business website to see how you and your guests can have fun together creating home decor knick knacks at www.picadillyandcompany.com Enjoy and Merry Christmas. I will be taking a small break from the blog! Please note: I am limited in the number of pictures I can post, so there are more on following entries.

Ruffled Tree Skirt

I have never had a tree skirt I like. I've always wanted to make one and never took the time. I get very impatient with my crafts, and sewing one just seemed like it would take sooooo looonnnggg! That is until I found this idea from HGTV. And, it is a NO SEW project. Appealing even though I can sew. I pretty much followed the instructions however, I used scrap linen I had for the first ruffle and used muslin for the rest (much cheaper!). I had curtain lining fabric and I used it for the backing! So pleased with the results! Here's the HGTV link: http://www.hgtv.com/handmade/how-to-make-a-no-sew-ruffled-christmas-tree-skirt/index.html