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Picadilly & Company, creating home decor knick knacks one party at a time. We provide you and your guests a fun evening creating a home decor items while in your home. It's a great venue for a Girls Night Out, family get together, etc. However, before we can create them in your home, I create them for my home. And there are some things I do, that I just cannot bring to someone's home. So, check out what I'm working on, maybe it will inspire you. To visit the company website, go to http://www.picadillyandcompany.com/
Currently I am preparing for our holiday homes tour. I will begin decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. In the meantime I am creating different projects to decorate with. So, the ideas I am sharing do not show the final stage often due to that. In December I will post pictures of the final outcome. Thanks for stopping by. And please, check out the website above!


Holiday Center Piece

This year's holiday centerpiece was inspired by a few similar ideas I have found on Pinterest. I went to the Dollar Tree and put three items together: A vase, a candle holder and a fluted candle holder. (Yes, so each centerpiece came to $3.00!) Using E6000 all pieces were glued together, with this water resistant glue. You should wait about 48 hours before you put water in the vase.
Add a finishing touch by putting a cranberries in the vase. Fill the vase with water, up to the top of the fluted candle holder inside. Light a tealight, and enjoy. I have three of these that I plan to run down the center of my table. I love the pewter plates (that I got for $1.79 each!). I think they add a bit of an old world touch. If you don't want to add cranberries, fill the vase with wooden beads, nuts, small pine cones, cinnamon sticks, or boxwood sprigs in water.

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